Cotton States Cat Show

How do you get the attention of the world’s most famous felines? With grand gestures of opulence, of course. The Royal Cat Palace was created as an invitation to the internet's most distinguished cats to attend the Cotton States Cat Show in Duluth, Georgia. Standing 6 feet tall, it comes complete with a jewel-encrusted pooper scooper, royal lounge, sleeping hammock, golden bird toy and throne. 

Darrell Lea Soft Eating Liquorice

One of a Pie

A brand extension of Pieology, a customizable pizza chain, One of a Pie is a pizza art studio that brings art, internet, and pop culture to your pizza. 

designer: Ana de Olano      co-art director: Shannon Steger      copywriter: Sydney Langway


ZzzQuil :30

copywriters: Estephania Martin, Max Barrett     co-art director: Audrey Saunders


Henckels Knives :30

copywriters: Jessica Hartman, Sydney Langway     co-art director: Shannon Steger