AXIOM by Kotex

For transgender men, periods are often a difficult reminder of their former female identity. Even though transitioning from female to male might bring an end to their menstrual cycle, transgender men can, and often do, experience menstruation. Because the tampon market is filled with hyper-feminine brands, transgender men are ignored by the tampon industry. We created AXIOM: the world’s first tampon brand for transgender men.


Social Connection

Before launching AXIOM, Kotex targets individuals who have recently searched for terms related to transitioning and other transgender-related issues.


Men's Grooming Aisle

AXIOM places tampons in a place where transgender men are most likely to be shopping: the men’s grooming aisle.


Feminine Hygiene Aisle

Shelf decals along the traditional tampon aisle direct transgender men to AXIOM’s new home in the men’s grooming aisle.


Men's Room Disposal

Sanitary disposal units are installed in the men’s restrooms.
(Because tampons shouldn’t be flushed regardless of which restroom you use.)



The media and general public latch on to the launch of the product, sparking conversations about transgender issues.

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copywriter: Evan Easley